Chapter House

The historic Alpha Zeta Chapter House of Theta Chi Fraternity is located on the northwest corner of the Fraternity Quadrangle at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. The Chapter House was built in 1931, a year after the University’s move to the River Campus. Below is a picture of the Chapter House as it stood in the early 1930s:

In the early 1950s the brotherhood successfully raised funds to add a new wing to the Chapter House. The official Memorial Wing was erected in 1953 and was dedicated on June 11th, 1954 to the five brothers who lost their lives during the Second World War. The Memorial Wing added three bedrooms to the House, bringing the total number of bedrooms to twelve. The Memorial Wing also greatly increased the size of the living room, dining room, and attic areas. Below is a picture of the construction of the Memorial Wing:

The next major improvement occurred in 1982 due to a $250,000 gift pledged by the late C. Grandison Hoyt ’24. The gift provided for a full renovation of the kitchen and a variety of other repairs and furnishings. Thanks to generous donations pledged by Alpha Zeta alumni through the ongoing Capital Campaign, a major renovation was completed in 2010, bringing the House up to State health and safety codes and providing for complete restoration of the interior. Below is a picture of the ceremonial “laying of the cornerstone” when the Chapter House was first built:

The Chapter House currently houses seventeen brothers in twelve bedrooms. Historic rooms in the Chapter House include the “Cook’s” and “Card” Rooms and as of October 2011, Room 204 will forever be known as “Nate’s Room”, named in honor of the late Lt. Nathan H. Williams ’04. The House contains a large living room (the “New Wing”), a library (the “Tube Room”), ample attic space (the “Racks”), and a basement with both dining and recreational areas. A full service kitchen, pantry, and laundry room are found on the basement level. Below is a picture of the Chapter House as it stands today:

Theta Chi House Fall 2012

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